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Inappropriate cell phone use.

A few weeks ago, I stopped into one of my local public toilets on my way to visit an office. And there it was once again: a guy on a cell phone. I mentioned this to the person I was visiting and was told that this must be a guy thing, as she (a female) had never noticed this in a ladies' room.

This is not the first time I've experienced this, and this isn't the reason for the post. Today, while walking across the quad I noticed a young heteropod couple in deep embrace. There was a longing kiss. And then I noticed the phone. The guy was actually making out and talking on his cell phone at the same time! First pooping, now this!

Come on guy, you can at least act like you care. And come on ladies: if I guy can't devote his attention to you long enough for a little snogging between classes, I think you should dump him.


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